The boundless…

The boundless playful energy of a pain slut without someone to accommodate their needs/wants is hard to contain. Yes it can cause problems and right now this slut is going through impact withdrawal.

Yes I know I’m likely just being antsy and wanting something I miss but can’t have. Yeah I suppose if I had a partner it would be something that we could negotiate if the opportunity would present itself so really it’s going to be hard to continue to be patient.

I miss you my Gaurdian Angel. I also know that pain isn’t what you do so really it could be I’m stuck. Doomed do to the unsatisfied desires and if I had stayed I know that I would experience pain but I also know that I wasn’t safe there.

What to do? You say patience ma’am so I will do as you suggest and be patient. I’ve made promises and I will keep them because it’s the right thing to do. I am still faithfully yours regardless of semantics. Does getting hit mean that much to me? I don’t know yet but when I find out I’ll at least know what to do about the answer to the question.

Why do I say that I am a pain slut you ask? It’s because it’s the usual way I drop into subspace, the cherished land where everything is fine and pretty marks are coming up on me and it tells me that I am loved.

Yes I know that is fucked up but the kiss from a whip, the thud from a flogger, even the sting of the cane all expression of love or at least like but also care because it is safe sane consentual play. Impact play has always felt like I can just let go of everything for the moment frozen for the duration of play.

Whipped with care in mind

The marks were left with a 4′ leather whip from Diamond Tack in Kelowna. Good choice for a first whip user as my play partner was. She said she wanted to practice and I said I wanted to play so an agreement was made for SSN conduct with aftercare. When we were done we cuddled and smoked a pipe. Yea a 420 loaded pipe with white rhino for the flavor. I do love to feel the kisses on my back legs and everywhere else. Almost like lips and teeth all in one.