Well happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate the hallmark holiday. Yeah I know that is very cynical of me to say but the reality of most holidays is they are notorious for generating sales in all things gift wise so yes I am a little bit but because of my Gaurdian Angel I am sipping Coffee and writing.

Grande Dark roast with love from you, thank you for being you. I love you.

So throughout the last couple of weeks I’ve been vaping like crazy. It is a replacement for cigarettes and cigars. Unfortunately today I ran out of vape juice so now start the nicotene withdrawal state. Maybe I’ll be able to get over nicotine. I started smoking when I was 18, and it’s been like a monkey on my back. Cravings and desperate measures have been taken over the years and yes I still am on nicotene as much as I want off.

Right now my normal level for nicotine in my vape juice lately has been 3mg of nicotine so reduction from 18mg was drastic and I am close to a 0mg in my juice. Just not right now.

Thank you for sending me your love while we are apart. Every day you teach me something new about myself and your commitment to us.