Good morning Vancouver

Today didn’t start out as great as it normally does. I started today off with Eve online, lost an Ishtar, my second in two days and yes I’ve already complained about them to the company about the losses because the client seemed to disconnect from the server mid mission.

Yes I was up at 4am playing video games. Definitely not my finest hour today.

Maybe a better choice is to write, or read. Or listen to music, watch a show or something else educational. On the bright side watching high fidelity and damn the show is like a window into all my failed relationships. Down to the cheap whiskey in the show.

If I actually cared about the losses in game I may be more upset but really, it doesn’t matter the small ship losses it’s just the fact that the disconnect affects the value of paid to play service…

I have definitely got a method to my madness, I focus on fixing one problem then the next one and the next until no problems remain. The problem is that there are always that remain, waiting for you to fix them. Wish I were more into fixing them than just letting others know there are problems.

Yes I have a good connection but there are some serious issues with the server running EvE Online today. Yes If you notice that is one of my characters in game and yes I am an older character in game with over 110 million skill points. After playing since 2011 I should have a good number of skill points which also should allow me to operate my ships better.

An old fight

There used to be better connections to the server but it appears that they are gradually getting worse.

Yeah I used to beta test Dust: 514 for CCP games. It was released on the PS3 due to a suggestion by yours truly, realistically they should have put it on the PC like they said a few years ago they are moving to transfer it. Have they done so? Fuck no! Why not? Because no one cares anymore in the company, after having been taken over there doesn’t appear to be any leadership or further development being attempted. Just like Dust: 514, EvE Online is dying slowly but surely. It truly will be a shame to have lost both games with nothing to replace them yet that fills the need to connect with others to blow stuff up.

Here’s hoping someone gets their ass to work on the disconnection problem. It isn’t just a me problem.