You are making life difficult

Primary you are making life difficult for me and Her. The primary goal of a partner is to make life easier for your partner. That should be both our goal but you ignore me and it doesn’t make sense to me. I have apologized at length and I know this may be me talking to a brick wall but it is something I need to get out.

You need to talk with me to sort this shit out!

Fuck all three of us have all said hurtful stuff. I don’t care about my hurt but I do care about yours.

If you agree to meet to work this out I promise I will listen to what you say with an open heart and mind. You are a valuable person to me because you are a valuable person to Her.

I am very frustrated right now

For all my apologies I feel like I am getting the shit stick to poke at the stuff that was said and it isn’t fair. Ignoring my entireties just makes me more determined to try harder to fix what was broken…your trust. Please reconsider as a man what would make Her feel better about us two fools who are butting heads.

We may disagree but I know that we share one thing we agree about, that I fucked up. We also share something else that we agree about, our love for Her, the person who I know is right 99% of the time about stuff. Would you do Her the honor at least to attempt to reconcile Our differences?