Happy Monday

As I start my week off as usual with coffee I think I am starting to become predictable. Not necessarily a bad thing for me but it definitely could become a problem if a predator becomes interested in me again.

Definitely not a happy thought for the first thing on my mind as I sip my dark roast but at least the time I have shown up at my coffee shop is new, and extra early. Today I have been pretty busy online from checking posts people have made on Fetlandia to reading an old post a dear friend made that can be found here…


I’ve been reflecting on what started a two long relationship between us and know that when I gave her the title Mistress I gave it to her because she said that she was looking for a submissive. I know that I am beating around the bush because this has backstory.

When I offered you the title it was with respect and understanding what you feel about this title. I do trust you, and you have not disappointed unlike the scammers that you rescued me from. You deserve that title ma’am and no matter how things change you still are that to me. When you claimed me as yours I accepted the claim because I know that I am yours because you have always owned a piece of me from the first time we spoke on the phone. In person you solidified your claim and have remained true.

We have been in a bit of a little mess but I know that we can get through it and at the end of our clean up process it will be worth fighting for. I love you ma’am đŸ’“