Know this my Guardian Angel, you have never failed me ever! You posted earlier today that you feel that it’s possible that you are failing your subs, your Doms and in this I know for certain that you don’t get to be hard on yourself because of a perceived failure. This is why…

You continue to grow and explore. You are perfectly imperfect, just as I am, he is, and your Doms. When we met on Fetlife you were identifying as a sub looking for a sub but that’s not who you were then, or who you are now. No you are a domly Domme. My light in the darkness. You always have been, it just took you failing to identify as one that you failed yourself.

You are a gentle Domme, a kind caring one. Perfect for sensuous subs, gentle subs and kind subs. You see value where few others do and you guide them gently. Not with the crop or cane or whip but with your powerful voice and caresses.

I say that your voice is powerful because it is, without even a touch you coax hardons through the phone, in person and by being the one who knows what it takes to care for others. I will always respect your wishes. It is because of the way you continue to teach me even when we are apart because I fucked up.

You joked once that as a task you might get me to learn and memorize all the names of all the Pokemon in the show so to start learning their names I started playing Pokemon Go, and still do, over a year ago. I know that you no longer play but that’s alright because I am still learning their names just as I continue to write for you.

None of this says failure, it says that you know just what you desire, want for your sub. I am still Yours.

I will continue to be yours regardless of what primary says. I just hope that he allows me to return. It will be a failure on my part of he doesn’t agree to it…still want to do right for both of you. For us all of us not just me and you.