Good morning Tuesday

With the coolest weather I’ve ever experienced in the lower mainland I am not surprised that Starbucks is hopping with activity. There’s frost on the ground and breath showing just how cold it seems to be but it will warm up.

Will I get an answer to my question about meeting up with primary or not? I know that if the only answer is a non answer I suspect I may attempt something rash but I hope that won’t be the case. I prefer to act in a controlled manner not acting out in anger, fear or sorrow. Most days my emotions are quite well controlled so I’ve crossed my fingers.

It is really surprising to consider that I now need to control my emotions, when I was quite young I had somehow managed to suppress all of my emotions and it was only after my Gaurdian Angel met me that they came out in full force, the anger, love, pain and sorrow. I am still learning how to keep them at a safe level. Yes ma’am you affect me.

I believe in a good way.