End of a beginning

I’m having a hard time understanding how saying that there might be an ending to this beginning. The truth is it appears that this part of it has come to an end. With every new relationship there are always the trial periods and I am thankful I was given a chance to explore kink and sexuality with Mistress Deb, as well as spend time with MGA. If there is a time when her situation brings her back to me I hope to welcome her back but that is not for today, today is for new beginnings and new opportunities.

Today I will be meeting someone for the first time from a Fetlife connection. I have high hopes for this afternoon and the rest of today as I set back out on the road to discovery. Are you the one I am looking for? The person who fits in with how I experience life. I attempt every day to experience life to it’s fullest so that I can continue my journey of self discovery and exploration.

I’m here waiting for your love. It is truly a beautiful thing, what I like to think everyone deserves a chance for the right someones to connect and enjoy whatever time we are allowed to experience fun and sorrow and most importantly Love.