Hump day 19

Good morning friends. Another fabulous hump day, yes I am up before dawn and yes I am at my favorite coffee stop. Today I have a few plans in the works. I need juice for my vape, and I need smokables. Yes I’m talking about pot/weed because it helps.

What does it help you ask? Today it’s my right wrist, which I have a splint for because I’m not 💯% healthy but it’s more than that. When I attempted suicide a few years ago I didn’t think about what could happen if I survived. Yes I have scars and I also have a problem with my right hand and now the wrist as well. I am working on it but it is a slow process.

Everyone has their own challenges, it is how we choose to deal with them that makes us all unique. When I had thought I had lost everything I failed to see what I still had and even now have. I have loved ones, family and even the material stuff…my computer which I have spent more than 5 years glued to almost exclusively until I chose to take my life…it was not mine to give up though it seems or I wouldn’t be posting.

There are always better options for you to choose if you are depressed and feeling sad and lonely. There will always be people who care if you live or die. If you are struggling please call someone to talk through it


Do it because there is hope from one survivor to you.

When I began my recovery I found what I needed to keep me sane, BDSM and the kinky world. It is not right for everyone but for me it is. I live it, breathe it and consent is everything here. Maybe I am running away from my past, and maybe I am wrong to do so but I accept who I am for how I am. I own my mistakes and am working on building my better tomorrow because if I won’t try no one else will.