Exploring Vancouver

So today I’m on a task set by a friend, I was told go visit Little Sister’s book shop šŸ˜ˆ and found out that it is so much more. I found some new toys that I’d like to get because I can be a little bit selfish in that I want to pleasure myself. It is so much more fun playing with others rather than solo play but as I have been exploring today I was told that I was to wear my tail for my journey so I am.

Honestly the only shot I could take to share but hey it works šŸ¾ and yes it’s quite comfortable for extended wear.

I was wondering what is in this picture, it looks like part of a ship but am guessing that it’s not. Earlier today I came across a space venus, quite an interesting sight. I love exploring and finding neat stuff.

If you haven’t already explored the area around you I think you lose out on a lot of stuff. It was nice to be reminded that there is more than just the home you live in around you. This task was given in the manner that a Domme would, it leads me to think that maybe my friendship has the potential to be something more if they are interested in pursuing the opportunity. I am a good boy and do what I am told, maybe a little too quickly but sometimes it takes taking a little step to find what you are looking for.