Well it’s Sinday

I hope everyone has their naughty funderwear on and make a point of celebrating being alive still and find your piece of happiness. I know that as I write this I am wondering how I will find my own funderwear, well not find but rather when and where.

The rain definitely doesn’t help my mood ATM, and puddling is the furthest thing from my mind as I look again at myself as a person. Am I enough for me, to be able to have fun without a partner. Maybe I can be, but sometimes you need a person who is playing with you. I am completely without potential people to play with, but it takes time. Always time and some have more than what is needed to build trust and a connection. I’m not the kind of person to trust right away without being able to look at the person and see truth in their eyes.

I guess it will be a wait and see week. See if I can find work, see if relationships resolve in a way that the universe deems possible. A wait and see month.

What does it hurt to ask about work while out having coffee? Nothing, and while I was having coffee I got a free latte, totally out of the blue and this is where talking to staff is good. Does very early morning to work sound like fun? No but that rather than always be tight with money is much preferred.

Thank you Starbucks 😋