Stolen position

Stolen lover, stolen position and stolen time. Perhaps my personal take is a little bit more male centric in my post today.

When I first met MGA I was a first submissive to respond to her look for a sub, her first acquisition and now 2 years later he is only now starting to want to do things that when asked in a heartbeat agreement from myself…

When I read about how he is responding to and at least on paper sounds like he is trying to grow I see it as a tactical decision on his part to try to do what he took away from her by his actions and I know that it is stolen. Jealousy can be a bitch and yes I know why I am jealous, because he took away from me what I had and was manipulative taking it. He manipulated both MGA and myself to make the decision to stand apart from one another.

I worry that my stepping away because of him is a repeat of James. During my time with Mistress Deb did you think about calling me to you when you were without a partner MGA? I had made the promise to you before I became hers and so you were within your right to call your first sub to you. I would have come and would now be primary. The reason I feel like it was stolen is because we still have the unresolved issue that both of us are looking for the dynamic in the relationship and while we had one he spoiled it activily with malice.

He sought out ways to break us apart and succeeded. It made for a stressful month and being out as long as I have the stress is still there with no resolution. It never will be in that poly family, not while he is there.

You are still a love of my life Angel and I am sorry that you picked him over me but I respect your wishes, and will try to move on. Know that will always have a place in my heart for you.