A new chance

I got a new chance today, a new Domme and a meeting. It’s interesting to note I am responding to and add on Fetlife by Goddess Angel. She had me join Temple X. A group on Fetlife. I hope that you are everything you say you are on your profile.

Getting my coffee in today.

Yes I know that she is polymoraus. I also know that my last relationship that was poly didn’t turn out the way I wanted but I am nothing but persistent in finding dominant women who are poly. The poly is the part that I have struggled with in the past because I am selfish. I don’t try to be selfish but I want what I want, desire even.

Thinking about the primary’s selfish nature and responses to my words it makes sense that we are too much alike to get along. With the new Domme, Goddess as she likes to be addressed I am looking forward to meeting her, getting to know her style, personality and desires…it’s going to be a journey, hopefully a good one.

I’m normally a very giving sub very few limits, lots of love to share, however she desires. Maybe today will be the day I begin with a new partner.