Celebrating her life

Our first meeting was at the Starbucks near where I lived in Kelowna. Today I have the same drink I had when I met with her the first time.

She was smart and sexy, a delicious mix of feelings rise as I think about it. The discussion on OKC and the resulting relationship that made me feel whole for the first time in years.

Yes you were the replacement for @putyourlipsonme and yes you were my first irl Mistress @Red_devil2019. You claimed me as yours and I wish I had still your collars. They are with you now, offered back to you through the flames. It has been five months and I long for someone to take up your mantle.

To guide and explore together. Each day becomes easier but Facebook is an asshole and reminded me of you and your spoon, flogger and crop today. All that we had up till the day you died.

I miss you dearly Mistress πŸ’•πŸΎπŸΊ

Today I changed my logo to the unicorn you bought for us, the spanking bench and the cuddly unicorn that you knew me to be.