Sigh, gone but not forgotten

Today I was slapped by Facebook right between the eyes. Today is Mistress Deb’s birthday. I guess in honor of her I will have my coffee and drink it too. I will wear what you bought me that I have as reminders of you with pride and remember all of the good stuff regardless of whispers saying to move on.

When you passed away you left me in pieces. With an untrustworthy Domme in a place I couldn’t afford under her service, and it was tolerable while you were alive but it was not right, our understanding of how she was had been flawed. Now I am back free falling in the Vancouver area close to your brother. I really miss your guidance and how you would hit me.

Now I am looking for someone to take up your crop and take ownership of me once more and hope that this is but a speed bump in life.

Goodbye @Red_devil2019 nothing will ever change your hand in my life or what you taught me.

Mistress Deb

Vancouver fetish festival was great.


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