Good afternoon M4

Yes it’s my first coffee of the day for me. I’ve been looking for a partner, this I am sure is no surprise so I guess I should update you on my progress.

Four days ago I posted two adds on Fetlife. I specifically said that I am looking for local not long distance. I have a big problem with LDR. Being able to touch my partner is a big deal to me. To physically interact with them whether or not it’s daily doesn’t matter, it’s better but having someone to share time and energy with is huge for me, just like when I was Mistress Deb’s pet.

I have been collared and punished for infractions and had a good experience throughout it all. It feels good to belong to someone. To do as I’m told so I have been looking for someone who will be willing to take on the responsibility of being mine and I theirs.

So far I am having mixed results the mixed part being all of the LDR opportunities I have been approached with. Is it really that difficult to read someone’s profile or add and actually understand that I have issues with LDR?

There is one potential out of the 4 that approached me, who said that they will visit me on Friday…and that scares the shit out of me. The idea that someone will do as they said and show up as they said. I guess it’s a possibility that they will or won’t arrive. Only two days left before I know for sure if they are real….fingers crossed.