It is a common problem in the community, catfish predators are roaming and people talk about it all the time, the hard part is spotting them when they show up. I know that my intuition was right about this last one. I didn’t send money, didn’t give anything to her that was going to come back to haunt me.

I wish it had become more apparent before today, this morning. Can’t go back to blindly following someone who isn’t here, so trusting myself and my intuition is what must be my choice, what I am doing now.

There was a great post by one of my connections on Fetlife today, all about the fake “Doms” out there. They push hard and make it hard both for D types and subs/slaves by polluting the kinky world.

I try to approach any new or old potential partner in D/s or M/s relationships cautiously but also eagerly. Too eagerly it seems as I have come to understand. I guess if it’s going to be a real relationship it will not be via online stuff but rather face to face in person as I always have maintained in both my adds and profile.

It’s not a problem, it just means that I am available for the right person at the right time. No clutter, no mess and no confusion as to if I am available for the next person, not Domme or anything like that but the next person who wants to be friends, maybe more than just friends and maybe not. It’s going to be better today than yesterday, you can count on that.