Giving your all

Giving your all is something that in my experience doesn’t happen often. People say that they want something but rather than commiting they want to take and give only lip service giving what is asked of them.

Yeah I know that it’s possible that I am just complaining but when I give, I give it my all to the one who wants what they say they want. This isn’t a complaint, it is a reality for many of us in the lifestyle. It is painful, it burns bridges…it changes our lives for better or worse. No one is perfect but maybe a little bit more honesty can change how we all approach relationships.

I am an honest person, lies don’t cross my lips. I don’t write lies and hate the idea that some play fast and loose with the truth because it’s easy to lie. It is even easier to tell the truth.

To everyone reading this, know that everything I post is truth from my perspective, it may not be your truth but it is mine. I look forward to meeting someone who has the same belief in truth that I do. It is a refreshing way to approach the lifestyle. It is safer, saner and I can consent to it, whatever truth that is.