Is MFf more palatable?

So there is a reason behind this question, is MFf more palatable to the parties in the relationship I was removed from? Rather is it more palatable to the M in the relationship than a second m. It is starting to appear that this is the case. I’m not a mind reader but it seems that the real reason for the ousting was do to a case of jealous behavior and I’m not judging but it feels dishonest to say that this wasn’t the case.

Poly dynamics are not my strong suit, they are just something that I am starting to learn more about. If I could have been something that I am not I would have been but I am who I am so while I made promises and keep them regardless of anyone’s situation I am honest about it at least.

Today I feel like a knife was placed between my ribs, not in a way that is going to kill me but I am hurting, I am glad that she found some way to get a dynamic but it starves me of what was promised, what I committed to fully before moving here to the lower mainland. I guess it doesn’t matter to anyone but me but it doesn’t feel fair.

This serves to confirm that life isn’t fair. Stuff happens and then we learn to adapt to the changes in the situation, we harden up and stiffen up. I know that I am not the only one out there hurting from stuff that happened so I will also say this…I am my own responsibility, my own to grow and learn, but it would be nice to have a friend, a partner to share in the growth.

Best wishes to you MGA, and your partners. You deserve the happiness that you posted about today.