Evening update 9

Good evening everyone. Today I am here sans coffee as I attempt to slow my roll on the coffee binging I do usually. I know that I normally feel more awake and alive when I get my coffee plus the walk to the Starbucks is usually good for me. There are usually a lot of good looking people both behind the counter and in front of it so I get a chance to ogle people, not in a creepy way but looking and admiring the fine shapes is nice at least for an admitted voyeur. Yes I still use Fetlife and that is probably a safe way to get my fix of beautiful people but getting out and interacting with people.

Whoa, what about that scary virus going around? Wait a sec, just a moment. A friend of mine recently posted a good read about preparedness and while I agree it being prepared is good but I think that the panic caused by all the news about the virus is blowing things out of proportion. Wash your hands and be careful not to touch someone sick seems like a good method to keep you from getting something that we don’t at the moment have a cure for. One will come eventually, just like the flu, just like polio and just like now we have insulin to help people who have diabetes.

In other things I am working on my search, and at the moment am entertaining the possibility of one of two who have begun talking with me. One male, and one female. Well I know this may come as a surprise to you but yes I am pan-sexual, well I identify as pas-sexual and have been both with guys and gals before. This is the way I am, when a partner leaves I look for another.

The whole fiasco with the polycule has seriously put me off on being with more than one person at a time and while I like both men and women, right now I am exploring the possibility that one may fit better than the other. The man I am planning to meet up with in a few days time is definitely local and so meeting is the first step. The woman on the other hand is not, so I am waiting for her to come up from the USA to meet and spend some time together with.

Yes this will be the first time I said anything about this to anyone, mostly because I don’t know what will happen in a few days when we meet. I still hope that I will get to meet the woman from the states and from what seems to be going on in our messages between us I believe we will be a better match. I guess it’s just a matter of waiting to see what happens.

Meanwhile I will tend the home fires and wait and see, nothing is guaranteed and I have promised nothing for once. Be good to yourselves and keep healthy.