Afternoon coffee time😋 10

Good afternoon everyone. It’s definitely spring and with spring comes, rain and cooler weather that I expected for the coast but such is life.

I know that I have been all over the place with what I talk about in my blog so I think it’s time to change things up a bit. Today is all about dating, the many different ways I’ve been dating or trying to. I’m going to discuss apps and benefits of what I’ve been using and the not so beneficial apps I’ve tried.

The first one I am going to talk about is OkCupid. It is available on the Google Play store, completely free. It will always ask you to pay for more abilities and while I am sure they are fine, being able to do more stuff is great. No I haven’t paid for it but even without doing so I still found my Mistress last year. Unfortunately for me she passed away last year but we had a blast and I am glad I got a chance to be with her.

OKC allows messages to be sent between matches if you and they like each other’s profile. It means that if one doesn’t work out all the others you are talking with can keep chatting with you through the app. It is structured so that both monogomous and non monogomous people can indicate that they are open to non monogomy or not. It reduces confusion about if you are looking for poly or not. Great for many people just looking for hook-ups as well as those just looking for marriage.

The next one is Bumble, also available on Google Play store. It is an app that really doesn’t give a whole lot of information about a potential match and leaves all the power in a woman’s hands. If you like a profile, which only normally has pictures, although I don’t use it much it’s really easy to set up and use. No 20 questions and can be a little bit confusing for first time users.

Facebook dating is also something that I have tried a little bit, and we all know what Facebook can be like. The dating section is interesting because as much as some of us don’t like to have our profiles on FB perved out over it tells others that you are looking for someone. It has yet to show me and benefits to using this service but I honestly believe that this was the original intent of Facebook. A dating platform and maybe Zuckerberg has said something about, I just don’t really care and have reservations about using Facebook for any dating or any other activities.

Last but not least is Fetlife, the Facebook for kinky people. Fetlife has a worldwide site that caters to the BDSM lifestyle and yes I have found partners on Fetlife. The nice thing about Fetlife is that it allows you to be somewhat anonymous and all depends on what you share with the world. It has places to post articles, videos and pictures and is one of the places I share what I post here on.

If you are in the same situation I am, looking for a partner then depending on what you are looking for I hope that I have shared with you what you need to find a match. Good luck and do be good to yourself, take life as it comes and respect other’s boundaries.