The continuation of my journey

Today I revel in the thought that messages have been received and transmitted back. I accept that tomorrow a new reality for myself may come. All I need to do is believe that good stuff is coming.

I’ve talked with several people lately and while some may be rejected after examining if they fit with my ideals and so I will be patient and see what is in store for me. A woman far away, lovely in shape and a giant heart full of love. A man, into me as a man and interested in exploring sexuality and bdsm with me. A switch, a Domme perhaps or maybe a sub, also interested in exploring bdsm with me, not sure about sexuality or not but time will tell and I will have to make a choice.

Three options, choices of which path to take. What do I truly want and am I an acceptable participant in their life, the life of the one I choose to pick. Two have yet to meet me in person, and I did have a good time when I had coffee with the man. I just don’t know if he is partner material yet. It is now time to wait to see if I will meet the other ones in person.

Stay tuned to see where my journey takes me. I intend to live life to the fullest and journey to the paradise bdsm allows us to visit.