Looking to the future

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what to do after Mistress Deb passed and I was told that things will not work out with D and N because at this time they are better off without me. I am happy for both of them and it left me in a place where I know I can find someone who will be a match for me.

I hit the websites, dating apps and posted adds, but without warning someone local reached out, local as in here in Vancouver, on Fetlife and I am super excited to meet her. Does having desires make me needy, thirsty? I sure hope not. I am thirsty to continue exploring with a partner. non-monogamous or not, I will take the risk that it won’t work out in my favor because if I do not try I will not succeed in finding.

For anyone else searching for your partner, have faith. It will happen if you stay positive and work on you while you look. Take chances with your heart and it will be ok. You may get hurt, you may be discarded after meeting someone but it is not the end unless you let it be. Everyone wants to have someone so don’t worry there is someone for you.


A continuation from Decision time