One Ring to rule them all

Today I’m enjoying LOTR in movie format. It is a tale of a fantastic journey of discovery, courage and overcoming odds that are great and perilous much like the journey in the BDSM lifestyle.

The thing I noticed as Gandalf falls is that he turned away from the danger only to be taken by it. This is why I liken the tale to the one I take now in my own journey in the BDSM lifestyle.

When Perrin and Pippin are kidnapped by orcs I see a likeness to the desires of some in the lifestyle who desire to be kidnapped, used for sex, and torture. Yes, I know that many of us enjoy the impact play and cock and ball torture so really it has much of the same elements.

There are decievers in the movies, manipulative people just as there are in the lifestyle. There are also heros, those who have noble spirit and are true both as Dom(me) and sub or slave alike.

Those who are true are worth finding and interacting with. I am glad that I have found several who are true. I hope those of you who are reading this have the chance to come upon those who are true.