Good things tomorrow

I think that tomorrow will have some good things happening with my search for a Domme, friend and maybe partner. I have spent a few days in communication with a new Fetlife friend and we agree that we need to meet face to face. Yes, she’s a little older than me, and is poly.

I’m not sure how much the poly part will affect the relationship but without taking a chance I know that I won’t know. Every time I take a chance on someone it leaves me open to hurt, emotionally, but I know that I am strong…and I know that I can handle disappointment.

I know myself, and I know my worth. Yes reality is often disappointing but no one goes through life without some. Today has been another lazy day watching a marathon of movies. My pick today was the Bourne series.

Movie after movie Jason Bourne goes through the entire series being disappointed by what the CIA is willing to do both at home and abroad. It’s not really much of a surprise, the imagined deeds of the government often is disappointing so just like Bourne I am going to stay positive and keep moving forward. So long as I stay true to who I am, I know that she will see me for who and what I am. It remains to see who she really is.


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