Altered Carbon

I was introduced to the series by the one I met for coffee with yesterday. The one who gave me the task of watching Altered Carbon. These are my current thoughts that I have on the show, and in the future I may have more.

This is a fascinating exploration of the possibilities that come with adding a capability to save your mind electronically, be reborn into a new body if the one you are in right now is damaged, and gives me hope that there are those out there attempting to figure out a way to connect our minds to other bodies that could end up meaning interaction with devices using thought alone.

It would definitely be exciting to be able to send your consciousness to a different body and enjoy a very unnaturally long life. Notably for myself I would take that chance, to live without needing external insulin sources. The medical possibility for healthy bodies as a norm rather than many of us having damaged bodies and getting to live without the extra need for help from others who make money off the affliction of those around them.

I see a possibility with the idea behind the show, off world exploration and a life long enough to experience far more than many get the opportunity to explore.