The arrival…

The virus has landed in Vancouver and Kelowna and now we know that it isn’t just somewhere else. So what do we do? I know that the local Starbucks has been proactive about it, no indoor or outdoor seating.

I guess this makes sense, to limit contact with the masses, and while some businesses are open, I’ve seen already the effects it’s having on the local community, not just the kink community but everywhere it seems is affected.

Lots of businesses are shut down, as much as we like to shop we are all turning into save ourselves mode. While self preservation is admirable we owe it to ourselves to stay clean and healthy.

In other news it seems that the coffee meeting yesterday was worth the risks to health, and I know that in time there will be a chance to see a real relationship develop from out interactions.

I told you last night before bed that “You are someone who I would feel honored to serve,” and I meant it if you will accept my offering. You have both the honesty and desire to do good in the world and I would be a fool to ignore your light that you shine…helping others and I hope that you will accept what I offer.