March 18 coffee time

While the worry for one’s health remain the primary focus of many I have taken to writing my posts on a bench at the crossroads near home, staying healthy and with nutmeg being the most important part of my coffee for health reasons I am struck with a thought, what if all it takes is daily dosing of nutmeg in coffee adequate to protect oneself from the virus?

Yeah that image is something that I long for, to be owned by someone who enjoys what I offer, to please someone and enjoy a relationship between us that is more than just sex, one of commitment, communication and growth. I know that what we are exploring between us is still in the foundation stages. I know that if I press forward thirstilly nothing will resolve in what I desire so instead I will give you the time and space to decide. It is not my choice to make regardless of what I want so I give you instead the keys to who I am.

An honest sub, waiting for you to claim what is offered. You know my personality, my loyalty to the one who claims me as hers, it is not about the sub, it’s about what you desire and how I can fulfill those. You will bring Joy to my life if you pick me to be yours.

Tasks completed, and shared with you are what helps me know that you are taking a chance to test me and see if I will do as you ask of me. It is ok to be cautious, the virus has been a troublesome beast. The no contact idea leaves me wanting contact that much more.

Ah the struggle between wants and safety clash most prominently in the bdsm lifestyle because so much of it really does normally revolve around touch, close quarters and so I know that I will remain frustrated for a long time. I will wait for you to decide, to take the next step.

Thank you Mistress Deb for training me to be patient, know that you gave to me strength to wait. I know that we both benefitted having the relationship between us that we had. Tomorrow will continue to be interesting,

Stay safe friends, and don’t forget nutmeg in your coffee to boost your immune system, a useful spice.