Resident Evil marathon pt.1

This evening started out with an agreement to watch Resisdent Evil together while on the phone, and as requested I put on my sparkly plug.

Next I was instructed to put on nipple clamps, decidedly pinchy but mmm…

Then all that was left was to sync players for Resident Evil, a virus ravaged terror of flesh eating zombies movie and the first of 6 movies in the franchise. There is nothing quite like watching Alice take down zombie after zombie, and most of the bad guys. A heroin destined for greatness.

Yes, we also followed it up with Resindent Evil Apocalypse. I think the amount we tie corporate interests with the government is something to watch out for in our current crisis. Hopefully it won’t work out the way things do in the movies but reality says that often chooses to follow suit…turn the movie into something close to it.

Luckily we don’t have any zombies running around yet so I will hope that the day never comes. So many of us are concerned about the virus but in the past the H1N1 was a death sentence too. We will rise up to beat this new one too.

Stay healthy and safe, as we all do what seems to keep us from the virus. There is hope.