The fear of getting sick

It is spring, and as I still here enjoying my coffee, the sun and the missed warmth of the sun I am struck with the thought that maybe there is a better way to stay healthy. We could in fact enjoy what we like to do. Continue to wash our hands and choose who we press flesh with, rather than shunning all contact with others.

It is not emotionally healthy to avoid all contact, nor will it keep you healthy in the long run. With a one percent mortality rate with the covid virus surely this distancing is an overreaction and with the Canadian health system at least those of us who do contract the virus will get the help needed.

Yes, I know that my opinion doesn’t count much when compared to recommendations from the WHO or CDC but as someone who does in fact have a weak immune system, one that caused me to become a diabetic in my early years I have an opinion that does make some sense.

Today I was very dissatisfied with Starbucks, who only allowed drive through pick up of coffee, and as someone without a car it is quite unsatisfactory to have to stand where cars drive to get coffee. Get better Starbucks.

You have a front door for a reason, locking it while not having seating for customers isn’t an excuse.