Random thoughts today

We are all dealing with Social distancing in our own ways. I hate it, it feels wrong as much as it provides us with a perceived safety from infection I feel there should be better ways to prevent the spread. To stay healthy.

No, I don’t have a live in partner, as much as I would love to have one. I know that for myself it really sucks, preventing me from finding someone to press flesh with, both sex and impact play are affected. As someone who really enjoys both I feel the social distancing acutely. While I am not concerned about getting sick I know that many others are.

It is probably the worst time of year to be self contained in our homes. The sun is out shining and it’s beautiful outside and as I sit watching people moving about taking transit, being near to others going to many destinations around Vancouver new articles from many sources say that the metro Vancouver area is a bad place to be traveling to…bodies close together spreading the virus.


Yes, apparently Vancouver has declared a state of emergency. I guess it’s sit still and wait for the cure…or for it to no longer be a problem.

Stay safe and healthy friends.