The journey for coffee

Why yes I did have to take transit to get my coffee today, and yes I went into a store to get it. This could have been avoided, the trains and buses if my local Starbucks had been willing to serve me at the drivethru or door without me needing to enter a store in practicing Social distancing as recommended by the CDC, government and many people who are worried about the virus.

What these policies are forcing us to do is instead of the distancing it is forcing us to take calculated risks. Risks that endanger more than protect. I don’t know about anyone else who doesn’t have a vehicle, or any other means of transportation other than the transit system but I do know that for all the concern about the virus, those who are less fortunate than others are both at risk as well as being denied what they need to get by.

I say support those who have not, be willing to help if you can. This will only get worse before it gets better. I know that some of us are suffering from reduced hours, closed stores as well as shortage of food and cleaning supplies as well. It is us being the problem rather than the solution to this pandemic. Help if you can please.