Broken promise

Yes I was weak today, I bought a pack of cigarettes. I know that I’ve said that I always keep my promises, but with my lack of vape juice and my nic craving after ordering online vape juice the wait for delivery is an undetermined time…it is the downside to online purchases.

While I know that I should be strong and just tough it out but after days without I caved today. We all have our little times when the pressure is too much. I wish we were not stuck in this crisis but we are stuck. Thankfully there are options, it’s just hard waiting. In the interest of keeping myself supplied with important stuff I also ordered marijuana this morning, and expect to receive a delivery of the green joy after lunch. Thankfully it’s a time defined delivery.

Today I realized that yes, I have a new Mistress. We are in the foundation stage of our relationship. She is the one I’ve mentioned in passing. She is a beauty. Caring and kind. I hope that I will be able to meet her needs and desires. I trust her, and hope that she will be everything she appears to be.