The new journey with Mistress

Mistress has given me few rules about what I may say here so I will do my utmost to follow them.

  • Do not use Mistress’s name
  • Post about feelings
  • Post about experiences

So far we are in the foundation stage in our relationship. I truly hope that while our interactions ATM are kept moderated by the risks the covid-19 virus brings to the table at least it means that we get to take things slow. I know in the past I’ve jumped in feet first but maybe this is a good wake up call saying that time needs to pass as this journey progresses.

We met last week and for the first time in a long time I felt hope. When you came by with food I was thinking, is this really happening? I am not used to someone caring enough to stop by to talk and to bring food and a fix for my nicotene craving…you felt too good to believe.

Today when you denied me a plug, both times I asked I am left wondering if this is in preparation for the anal training that you said you want to start me on. I guess I will have to ask…😈