Audio cues

If you have read a little bit about me you may already know that I used to DJ, or that I used to be in a Jazz band while I was growing up but maybe this is the first you are hearing me discuss audio cues and what they mean to me regarding the lifestyle. When Mistress calls me subbie, her name for me, I get triggered. Not in a bad way but in practice my thoughts immediately turn to what can I do for Mistress.

Last night for instance when you told me it was time for sleep, when you hung up I was asleep within moments. I know that I do this when I am on phone calls with my dominants, in person I am still not sure if they work but on the phone they definitely do, the audio cues. I know that when I am playing another person the cues seem to work too. The cum for me is still something that I have yet to experience but I am sure in time with Mistress she may train that into me too.

I am still growing and learning more about myself and I am very happy to be on this journey with you Mistress. Thank you for allowing your subbie to wear his plug today Mistress.