The Weekend

Friday evening Mistress picked me up and our weekend long discussion began. We talk throughout our time together about desires and goals. Our plans to reach them as well as religion.

On face value our differences may seem designed to keep us apart but something about Mistress and her values and desires speak to me on both a primal as well as an emotional level. I may not believe in her religion but I trust her. When she claimed me I knew that I was where I was meant to be.

My own religious beliefs were founded in my Christian upbringing, but I don’t believe in following a man made religion. I decided long ago that if we live and let live the world would be a much nicer place. I know that is a very broad reaching statement about my beliefs but I’m not one to judge life choices of others.

This lines up mostly with what Mistress described as how her faith works and is practiced and got me thinking, maybe I have looked for my religion in the wrong place.

Life is a great journey, so it makes sense that some beliefs are found in more than one place, person or faith. Mistress shared with me her vision of moving forward from where we are now. Both of us working making 80k plus per year each. Living together in a house somewhere with green spaces and helping others around us.

Sharing is caring ❤️ I like to say. All of the desired vision sounds perfect to me, with me in a brand new truck or jeep, Mistress in her new Ford F150 and the freedom of being where we want to be both as partners, lovers and friends as well as free to be in location where we desire.

There are things that I need to do to get there, as well as what Mistress needs to do to get there but there is opportunity here so we will continue looking for the opportunities and take advantage of them, one step at a time.

Have a fantastic day everyone 😈