Happy Saturday 11

It certainly is a glorious Saturday as last night is still in my mind and all that happened while submitting to your desires Mistress. Thank you for the concern and intuitive protectiveness when it was time to have a snack.

Sexual activity definitely uses up blood sugar while in the throes of passion, so we have now had our first low sugar evening and night together. Lessons learned in the past few months have taught me what to do while with a partner when I get low…listen and do as told. Assuring them everything is ok providing solutions to the immediate problem and fixing it with food.

It seems odd that I’m talking more about how I deal with medical rather than the sexual part of last night but there is always danger involved in having play time, most notably my diabetic required attention to blood sugar. I’ve only been diabetic for most of my life so it rightly because of the scare brief as it was that I talk about it.

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 14 years old. All the years since have been very much a journey of discovery as I learn more each day what works and what doesn’t to manage my health it is also the responsibility of letting my partner know what to do if something happens and I tune out because of low sugars.

Thank you Mistress for listening and reacting to the signs that I was low, you saw it before me and that was perfect, you were right. I am happy to be yours Mistress and feel safe with you.