Owner’s manual aka Care manual

While I was cruising around Fetlife today I came across something The Voice posted about writing an owner’s manual for their sub. What a fabulous idea. While I know that in the past I’ve put together several posts that talk about what makes me tick I have never thought about it as either an owner’s manual or care manual but in reality that is exactly what they are or can be. It is important as a sub to let your owner know what makes you you and how it affects your partnership so I will attempt to do so today, with some more clear description.

This sub as yours likes to be called Subbie. It’s your name for me and as such I treasure the feeling behind they way you say it Mistress.

While we are intimately involved subbie enjoys a plug in as it reminds him that he is yours and you granting him the pleasure of being plugged makes him happy regardless of what you ask of him. Your pleasure before his always. Instructions are welcome and yes it is all about pleasing you Mistress.

Yesterday we discussed what is the best way to keep me healthy while we are together and we talked about the food and medication I use. The food you enjoy is perfectly fine, but I require 2 meals per day as well as a snack before bed.

Hair pets are appreciated, when I kneel for you Mistress. Coffee is my preferred beverage. Showers as well…

For punishment wooden spoons for impact punishment have always been the one implement I fear and loathe but respond best as a punishment tool. The hurt like hell and I have yet to be able to learn to absorb it like I have with most other impact tools.

For funishment whips are pleasureable, as are floggers. I’m on the fence about crops but enjoy canes and beads, both leave beautiful marks and I really enjoy seeing the marks after play. Wax play is fun, as is bondage. Fire play? Yes please šŸ˜ˆ

More will be added to this post as I think of more.