Dragonhold, Brian Rathbone.

Yes, this is my current book and I’d be reading it right now if I weren’t writing here so here’s my reasoning behind sharing this book: there are some similarities between our virus self isolation and how the characters in the book start out trapped inside Dragonhold, the place designed to kill off residents of the location.

I can honestly say that death by whomp like this would much be preferable to how dying in Dragonhold would be, a truly gruesome death in the book. To learn more 😉 read the book hehehe 😈

There really is no way being sat on is going to kill a person but hey, even I like the idea of dying with a pussy in my face. I truly prefer living with pussy in my face to dying. It’s so much more fun.

My suicide attempt a few years ago was partially because I didn’t have the companionship of a woman or really anyone at all. Loneliness can and did cause me to question my worth, if life would give me more than what I had at the moment I started down that path…if I was worthy of life.

Well the joke is on me. I’ve been with more in 4 years than I had ever been with, and so I know that life isn’t done with me yet. Feeling fulfilment takes many forms and as I have found serving to be what gives me a sense of peace and a feeling of fullness that is hard to shake.

When I said serving I really wasn’t clear so here is my definition of it. Specifically, I find the bdsm lifestyle fulfilling. Being in a relationship with a Domme or Switch who has needs or at least desires to have a FLR or female led relationship. One in which serving them and their needs because they are willing to give me the opportunity to do so. To fill their needs and grow with them as a person.

I treasure all my past relationships because they have all allowed me to grow as a person…to be more than just me in whatever form that takes. To learn more about myself, what my desires are and what I enjoy.

My charge to you today is to exercise your mind, grow and do what makes you happy. I hope that you get a chance to enjoy the book, it’s just a regular fantasy book with supernatural elements.