Office repair

Over the last few days my task that Mistress assigned me was to paint her office walls after repairing all the walls from years of abuse πŸ˜‰ not anything untoward, just wear and tear of life being lived.

As you can see, extensive patching has already been done so far. This is just the largest hole I’ve plugged so far. All of the walls have had putty applied and while I give the poly filla time to dry I have time to write.

All throughout the process I was instructed to come and present my swing dick to Mistress every 15 minutes. Yes of course I am only allowed clothing outside of the apartment proper so I’ve been having a great time while I’ve been attending to Mistress’s needs and desires.

So far this is day 7 of my visit. What a way to spend the week, filled with both pleasure and pain. Thank you Mistress for allowing me to serve you.