Office repair pt 3

Good morning friends. Today plans were made to stripe the office wall in teal to go along with the bright yellow already on the wall.

A few days ago I installed two lights, one in the dining room and one in the office. This morning Mistress had me tape the two corners of the wall we will stripe in teal and now it’s just matter of tapeing off the stripes.

I love what Mistress and I have been doing over the past week as we bond and play. Yesterday we went to Walmart shopping for a few things we needed and before we left the house Mistress had me pick a plug, put it in me and omg the teasing and sensual play before the trip wow! Is all I have to say. She clamped both nipples and we left. Walking around with the big pink plug was definitely interesting, especially when it started to fall out 😈 and after several times trying to keep it in failed Mistress had me take it out in the washroom but not before having me select 3 pieces of produce for tools to stretch my asshole as Mistress has already begun to do.

Yes there is already evidence of stretching working as I was unable to keep the plug in while walking yesterday. Oh the first world problems 😂 at least they’re simple problems 😈 LoL. I love that Mistress keeps me naked while we are home. It is really freeing to not have to worry about what to wear and only need to remember to wash every part of me daily, my hands when I come in and yesterday I was reminded that we touch lots of things without thinking about it, and with vivid everything is a possible touch something and get sick possibility.

Yes we still get to adjust to the way things are and setting aside how we used to do things but I feel safe in our relationship, and following Mistress’s rules about washing up. As much of a pain in the ass as it is to regularly wash up I see the reasoning behind doing so and just hope that the vaccine is produced soon that works. At least sex doesn’t realistically require the washing up after unless we get too messy during the fun.

Stay safe friends and hope is on the horizon and thank you Mr Trudeau for all your help sending out to us, all the money both for research as well as support financially to everyone in need.