Office repair pt 4

Good afternoon friends. We are just about finished setting up the office for Mistress. The last thing to get done is to hang shelving both above the desk as well as on the wall across from the desk.

As you can see it is ready, just need to get the shelves and hangers hopefully tomorrow or later today. Definitely enjoying the fact that Mistress has given me work to do and hopefully when it’s finished the office will be perfect for Mistress.

Yesterday after I finished cleaning the carpets Mistress decided it was time to stretch my asshole so as I dutiful sub I submitted. All fours on her bed she fisted me, then inserted a string of anal beads and sent me for a trip to the store. God those beads feel great while moving around.

Stay safe friends and don’t forget, wash your hands when you get back home, you never know what could be contaminated.