Hungry primal

Last night Mistress and I were discussing how I approach and perform sex with her. The primal energy I use while mating, yes we’ll use that term because the reality is that when she allows me to approach her with sex in mind it truly seems to turn me into an animal.

Often I seem to be insatiable and the hours of mating at a time while joined flesh to flesh blend in extasy as we bump and grind even while she rides me, sheathing my sword I become voracious. Unable to contain my hunger for her sweet juices, her mind and body. I and hers and she is mine. Yesterday Mistress knew exactly what I needed and while on a work break she had me come to her with lube and the anal beads, I bent over and she inserted them and then set me loose so she could return to work. When she was done we played and true to my primal nature we devoured each other. Hour after hour we played and both of us climaxing time after time.

There is evidence to support the idea that sex can keep us all healthy, it keeps us home and away from the chance of getting infected with covid because if we are with our partners and staying home we are safe. Yesterday Mistress showed me a video someone had sent, the video was supporting my theory that sex can save lives, 😉 it was a video where nurses administered sex as a cure for sickness, which while I know that it kind of contradicts the sex curing STIs I still enjoyed the idea that sex can cure all.

Stay safe friends, and if you have the opportunity with a partner to have consentual sex enjoy the covid problem and celebrate the opportunity to have sex and stay safe because if you are home getting your freak on at least your are staying healthy and having fun.


  1. Being able to see your Mistress must be nice. I wish I could see my Dom so he could pounce on me and devour me like an animal.


    • It is, and i hope that you are able to eventually get time with your Dom. We have accepted that we need to take steps to protect against covid. Washing our hands when we return home is important. Not touching stuff while out of the house then our faces is also important. We have hand sanitizer for when we return to the car after shopping in any store and maintaining social distancing while out of the house is important too.

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      • I’d have to fly to the other side of the world for that to happen haha. I’ve pretty much accepted it that if I do get time with him, it’ll sadly probably only be once.

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      • Oh my. That’s part of why I refuse to be part of a long distance relationship. They don’t work for me at all. My needs for a physical as well as a Mental connection is important to me where bdsm is related. I have many long distance friends and have several relationships with those people but friendship is easy but bdsm is different.

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      • It’s hard, but the emotional connection is stronger than I’ve had with anyone else and the feelings involved, I couldn’t bear to part from him. I do have my vanilla lover and the sex is still great, but the emotional connection is just different.

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