What’s the next best step

Mistress asked me today what is the next best step. I have been living off my PWD and CPP cheques for a couple of years since my attempt to die. My headspace is in a better place than where I was when I made the attempt and I know that I want stuff, a vehicle and house but it has been really hard to get past the idea that I need to put myself out there and try again to get work in anything.

Before covid happened I had started looking for work, and even went for a job interview with Bulk Barn. It’s a low paying job and I still feel like I had a chance that I would get the job. I have worked in stores similar before but is that what I want in life? The minimum wage jobs are a dime a dozen but they don’t put me where I want with money or time.

Instead I have been writing and attending to Mistress’s needs and with all of my education, which really isn’t that much aside from my web development nano degree from Udacity I don’t know if I have the skills and knowledge to do what I want to do for work regardless of the fact that I have programed a video game before but my dream job is to work in the video game industry and I haven’t done the work to get there.

So I am back at the what is the next best step? I looked at the Vancouver Film School and their degree they offer relating to that field of work and I know that I am a smart guy, can learn and grow as a programmer and artist. This is the program I was thinking about taking: https://vfs.edu/programs/game-design/curriculum.

I remember when I was going to DeVry taking the BSc Computer science I was at the top of my game, challenging courses because I knew the material, have the knowledge to do what the courses teach and the skills they give you but at the time I made choices that got in the way of school. I left and abandoned my learning because I got into doing hard drugs.

Fast forward to today, where after a failed marriage and getting my nano degree, which was super easy. Web design is all fine and good but it’s not what I want to be doing, I want to be building games and having fun so I believe that my next best step is to apply for college and finish the schooling needed to get to where I want to be.

Learning is definitely a good idea, it will enrich my professional life as well as my abilities so much so that today I am looking into what I need to do to further my education, and in addition to VFS I’m also looking at Emily Carr as another option to learn what I need to get where I want to go for a career, a new chapter in my life.

So in answer to the question my best next step is talking with academic counselors at both schools to see where best I fit. It’s a path on my journey and so I will leave you with this, stay safe and have a great day.