Office repair pt 5

The long awaited shelving is starting to go up. With one wall done there are for sure two more shelves to hang but across from the ones hung today.

The best part of having more to hang is that I’ve finally got a process worked out to hang then the way Mistress wants them. Yesterday made her pleasure known after the first shelf went up. Both fist, beads and plug were inserted for the day and I am confident that I’ll be stretched more soon enough.

Hope that you are all staying healthy friends, always remember we are all in this together. As I’ve been watching the news I see that some feel otherwise and I was struck by one phrase in the books I’m reading right now,

“Terry Henry Walton Chronicles Complete Series Omnibus: Nomad Found, Nomad Redeemed, Nomad Unleashed, Nomad Supreme, Nomad’s Fury, Nomad’s Justice, Nomad Avenged, Nomad Mortis, plus 3 more books” by Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle.

Start reading it for free:

The phrase is “One world, One people,” and I’d like to think that it applies to us now more than ever. We are all connected through the internet and the world has gotten a lot smaller with the technology we have available to us. I would like to live in a world where everyone no matter race or religion matters and we could as a species treat each other the same nice way we treat out friends and family. Sadly that isn’t the case and racism abounds and has caused reactions to the tragedy just days ago.

It saddens me to think that some officers feel they are allowed to kill people with out consequences. It hurts to think that even though decades after slavery was abolished that black people are still not treated the same way white people are. I know Asians have problems too and even first Nations people are treated worse than white people. We keep hearing during the covid pandemic that we are all in it together, maybe now is the time to realize that yes we are. Let’s show it in how we treat each other, One world, One people.

After supper…

On a more positive note Mistress and I finished off hanging shelves in the office this evening 😊 and we are both pleased with the effect they have on the room.