Covid aftereffects

Good morning friends. Well I hope you are well as BC transforms again with phase 3 of covid response. The aftereffects that covid has brought us is the mental toll self isolation does on us as evidenced by the mental break one of my roommates suffered today.

We are social people, and we rely on others more often than many of us realize. When we are suffering loss of friends and loved it is hard, not being able to experience closeness is even more difficult for those of us who are unmarried or unpartnered. Everyone needs someone, not for sex but for mental health. We aren’t meant to go through life all by ourselves.

Having someone else to lean on and move through life with is huge and what I recognized when I was recovering from my attempt to commit suicide, for me that means being someone’s submissive. I am Mistress’s subbie and I know that she is my someone and I hope that I am hers as well.

While I am writing this I’m sitting on a cement electrical box, my ass is sore as fuck from the fisting Mistress gifted me with before I was brought home for the weekend. We have been isolating together for the month and am expecting to be isolating with Mistress this month as well.

Be good to yourself, and spend time with those closest to you, they are your lifeline when things get tough. If you feel like committing suicide talk to someone, ask for help. We are not in this by ourselves, we are all in this together and together as a species we will rise up and defeat this virus, in my mind we are one world, one people. It’s time we start acting like it.