Reno #2

First we painted the laundry room…

So the project of the week was redoing the laundry room. I started off by taking everything out of the room. It’s still spread out around the house. The first thing after the paint was stick on floor tiles. The picture above is when I was partly through the tiles and getting ready to do the cutting for the outer part of the room.

After the tiles were done it was time for the baseboards, which in this case was a rubber baseboard that I shaped and carved in the corners so that it sat properly, and after spending the better part of the day laying baseboards there was one more thing to do before putting it all back, brackets for shelves like in the office 😊.

Just need to finish up the shelves before they can be used.

Everything is ready now for the rest of it so I got my butt in gear and brought everything back into the laundry room.

I’m pretty sure that there will be more to do yet, I still have shelves to cut and hand but all in all this project has kept me occupied and now I’m hoping that I have more time to write.

If you are interested in how I laid the tiles and did the baseboards I’ve two links for you.

Have a great weekend everyone, I will likely be camping.