Summer vacation

So Mistress and I left Vancouver around 10 am today. Yes it was a late departure and we are not going to get into Calgary until around midnight.

On the way to Calgary

Mistress and I left Vancouver around 11 am so we expect to be in Calgary around midnight. So far the rain has been heavy and some of the drivers with us are acting crazy in the way they are driving. Thankfully the number of people who are on the Coquihalla has lessened.

The goal of the vacation is to help Mistress’s mother with packing and potentially bringing a washer and dryer back with us. We are also planning on visiting with family en route to Regina.

The scenery is fantastic, and if you are a photographer there is no shortage of great scenes to capture.

As you can see, it is going to continue to be a rainy day but if we are fortunate by the time we reach Calgary it will be dry.

Stay safe friends, and enjoy your weekend.