Made it to Milestone

Welcome to Milestone, the town with two gas stations and two sets of railway tracks with a hotel, VLTs and a co-op. Set in rural Saskatchewan the town is quiet even while the train is rolling by.

Cafe around the left side, VLTs on the right corner

Mistress and I arrived early this morning, around 1am and had a late-night snack with her relatives and then settled in for a well-deserved sleep.

While I expected but hoped to avoid experiencing my carpal tunnel more after Calgary as in Calgary it acted up this morning. Luckily, I was saved by Mistress’s foresight and was able to relieve the symptoms by smoking some of the Girl Scouts Cookies strain marijuana we picked up in Calgary.

The nice thing about the strain is that it’s a blend of Sativa and India, giving it a 17% THC and 13% CBD strength which releases enough of the blood flow to my affected extremities so that the numbness has faded.

Smoking with Mistress

Breakfast of oatmeal counteracts the buzz, leaving me at a pleasant level where I can go about my day showing the town off to you. The town has a town office as well as a Firehall.

Milestone Firehall
Milestone Firehall

Here is a link to Milestone. It’s a town that is very community-minded and one that seems to welcome families and today is very warm at 31Ā°C.

If you are interested in moving to a small town a short drive from a major city, close to the border maybe Milestone would be the one for you. Everyone that I have met so far while I walked around today has been very nice. I am sure that there are chances to start something that could last a lifetime here for someone looking for a small community safe to raise a family.

I know that this reminds me a lot of where I raised my boys before life changed for me. Quiet and peaceful, great for writing and coding if I end up doing some today so I will leave you with this, from one small-town born and big city resident who has missed the small-town quiet life I will bid any who decide to make this town theirs…please treat the town kindly and allow it to remain the sanctuary from the hustle and bustle it is.

Stay safe friends šŸ˜ˆšŸ¤ šŸ˜Ž