Nourishing your garden

Not this kind of garden

Hello friends, I’m not talking about your physical garden but rather your metaphysical garden of skills and gifts that you were born with. It’s the garden that some of us don’t notice is there but is nonetheless.

As a father I know that I have been hesitant in the last year to take time with my three boys and yes I do have the ability to talk with them and learn about how they have been doing. They live in another time zone and I have used it as an excuse to avoid talking with them but I do wish to change this.

After a long discussion with Mistress’s family I came to a realization that I can do more than what I have been, not just with my kids but in all aspects of my life. Nourishing your garden is about encouraging the aspects of your life that flourishing and fertilizing the aspects that have have been neglected.

Personally I know that I haven’t been studying up on changes to web development, or calling my boys and I can and will do more to fertilize those parts of my life. My relationship with Mistress has been growing and so continuing to encourage our relationship between us has been my focus.

It’s all about remembering to think and do something, anything that makes those parts of your life easier, simpler and more prominent in your life. For talking with my boys I have Skype and for my professional life studying up on new coding styles. Encouraging my relationship with Mistress this trip has been huge.

If you have parts of your life that you notice need attention I hope that you take what I have said and think about ways that can make a difference to your garden.

Today we are heading to Kelowna to spend time with my parents, another part of my life that needs a little fertilizer šŸ˜‰ and while my relationship with them is good I know that it’s been a while since I last saw them and so I am looking forward to this opportunity.

Best wishes as you move forward friends and please remember to wash your hands.